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Match Policies



Everyone that Plays in THE EDMONTON POOL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION receives a cash prize.
Regular season play has a payout of 70% of the prize pool. The year-end tournament is 30% of the prize pool. Trophies/Medallions awarded to top 3 in each event.

Player of the Year awards will given to the top finisher in each skill ranking. This means that there will be a player of the Year for the "A" players, "B" players, and the "C" players.


1. Team Rosters shall consist of a maximum of 10 Players, any 4 or 5 of which play each Round of a Match, depending on the Match Format the League uses. A Player cannot be deleted from a Team Roster to make room for adding new a Player. The Team Captain provides the final advice on who's on the Team and who's not.

2. Additional Players may be registered on the first Match they play in by advising the League in writing (include full name, address, postal code, phone numbers and email address) on the back of the Score Sheet to be turned in. REGISTRATION MUST BE PAID. Approved by league Executive.
Please Note; Any new players added to a roster needs 24 hours notice prior to the match for approval by the League Executive.

3. Once a Player is registered and played a Match with a Team:

(i) That Player may not play for any other Team in the same Schedule.
(ii) That Player may play for another Team in a different Zone of the same Division only until the Team Roster Freeze.
(iii) That Player may play for another Team in another Division on a different night of play.

4. Team Rosters are frozen prior to the 8th last week of play for a winter session and the 6th week of play for the summer session. Any Team that can't field a Team on a regular basis after that date may have their situation reviewed by the League Executive who have the authority to make an exception.

5. For League Play Offs, Team Rosters must consist entirely of original Team Members who have played the minimum number of games. Please note that 40 games is the minimum for the winter session and 20 games for the summer session. CCS standards however are 8 full matches of league play.


Ranking of Skill Levels may be changed during league play if it’s in The Best Interest For The League.

CCS RANKING (CA) equivalent to (AA/AAA), (CB) equivalent to (A), (CC) equivalent to (B/C), (‘LA’ AND ‘LB’) rankings are not in use at this time.

7. There is no limit on the number of handicap points to be scored per round for Team or Singles Play. Handicaps are calculated after the 2nd week of play.


1. Match Locations and Tables will be as assigned by the League Executive and/or the Play Off Director which may be one, two or three as required. One table is minimum requirement for match play.

2. The Match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, unless specified otherwise by the League Executive and/or the Play Off Director. A Player has 5 minutes to start an individual game from the time it's called. A first Round game only may be delayed until the final match is up in that Round. When either is exceeded, a game forfeit occurs.

3. The World Pool-Billiard Association rule for slow play is 45 seconds between shots. A Player must be warned first. When one Player is placed 'on the clock', then all Players and all remaining Match games are also 'on the clock'. The clock starts when all balls stop moving from the previous shot. After 35 seconds, a 10 second warning will be given unless the Player has already assumed a shooting stance. The penalty is a 'cue ball in hand' foul.

4. The biggest single reason for slow Matches is Players not ready to play. All Captains are reminded to make sure each Player knows when they're next up, whether they rack or break, who they're playing and where.

5. For Play Offs, a Referee will be available upon request or selective members as determined by a captains meeting prior to the event for Match Rulings as follows:

(i) Judgement Calls on observed shots – the decision of the Floor Referee will be final.

(ii) All other Rulings – may be appealed to the Head Referee. If there is no Head Referee, the Play Off Director becomes the Head Referee.

6. In matters of Play Off Direction, Play Off Scheduling, Equipment etc. the decision of the Play Off Director is final and or once again, determined by a captains meeting prior to the event

7. If the wrong Player breaks, the game carries on. It's up to both Players to know who was supposed to break.

8. If it is noticed during a game that a Player is playing the wrong Player, the game is stopped and the right Players play. If it wasn't noticed until after the game was finished, the game will stand if they are scheduled to play each other later in the Match. If they don't, then that game is considered null and void.

9. If neither Player notices that the 8 Ball is no longer on the Table, the game is replayed with the same Player breaking.

10. Any Player who plays on another Table during a Match Game that they are playing will be assessed an automatic game forfeit.

11. The Canadian term of 'just a shot' will be accepted as having said 'safety'.

12. Everyone is reminded that display of poor sportsmanship may result in a game, match or play off forfeit as decided by the Head Referee and/or the Play Off Director and/or the League Executive.

13. Although the official World Rules specify no 'coaching' during a game, all Teams are asked to exercise good sportsmanship in this regard, especially in the first few weeks, when new Teams and new Players are adjusting to the Game and League Rules.

14. Should there be extenuating circumstances for any matches to be labeled as a make-up/re-scheduled, must be played in the same week of play no later than the following Sunday. Match Forfeit will then take place.

15. All Teams are required to pay the full Match Fees for the entire Schedule, even in the event of a forfeited Match. Not only does the Prize Fund pay out schedule depend on it, but it also displays courtesy to the host halls for their time of scheduling and booking to make room for the league play of matches. The league will be operating a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for league fees. All captains are responsible to ensure that dues are kept up to date.

16. When claiming a Match forfeit, you will receive all wins pertaining to match in play along with multiplying, # of games by your average to equal your total points. If playing with less than a full roster, you will add the players averages together for the 3 or 4 players playing and then divide that to equal too the average for the forfeit(s).

17. Any Team that forfeits two consecutive Matches or a total of three during the League Schedule will be automatically suspended from all further competition. Any Team may also be suspended or expelled by the League Executive for conduct or actions deemed harmful to the best interests of the League as a whole. This may include the failure to turn in Match Fees. Should this occur, any and all Fees paid to date by the expelled Team including any rights to Prizes shall be forfeited in their entirety to the League.


1. All Teams in League Play and all Divisions are in the Playoffs.

2. The League Executive reserves the right to place Teams in specified Play Off Groups.

3. All outstanding Team Fees must be paid unless prior special arrangements have been made with and agreed to by the League Executive.
Also see Match Play.15.

4. Every Player on your Team Roster must be a fully paid, registered Member of the League.

5. Every Player must have played the minimum number of games. Exceptions by the League Executive can only be made in the event of confirmed hospitalization or death.

6. A Player's eligibility may only be challenged prior to that Player's first game in the Match. If this is not done, the Player will be allowed to complete the Match. If upon challenge, the Player's eligibility cannot be confirmed to the satisfaction of the Play Off Director and/or League Executive, that player cannot play. No prior Matches played by such Player will be forfeited or replayed.

7. A Player's identity may only be challenged at the start of the Match or any subsequent Round. The Player, upon challenge, has 15 minutes to provide a means of identification suitable to the Play Off Director and/or the League Executive. If unable to do so, that Player cannot play, but the Team may substitute another confirmed eligible Player. Any games played already will count. If the Player's identity is proven false, the Penalty is immediate Match forfeit. No prior Matches played by such a Player will be forfeited or replayed.

8. Any Team that is a 'No Show' for a first Round Play Off Match will be also be considered an automatic 'forfeit' for their next Match unless prior advice was provided to the Play Off Director and/or the League Executive including their intention to appear and play in that next Match.


The League membership, dependant upon the # of registrations for its sessions will take place, move forward as follows.

1. Divisionalization depends upon the amount of entries.
2. Captains Meeting prior to the first week of play.
3. Schedules will not be altered in ways that it will affect the membership.
4. Team Play is ranked by total number of points scored including handicaps.
5. Singles Play is ranked by Match Points. Wins=3 pts /Ties = 2pts / Handicap Loss = 1 pts.
6. Tie-Breaking Procedures by order as follows: For League and Playoffs Play.
1. The greater number of Total Actual points earned.
2. The greater number of games won.
3. The greater number of all Special Feats earned.


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